HistoryThe History of The 39 Club

Please see below the History of The 39 Club. The club was founded in 1956.

The 39 Club – London


Formed in 1956 by founder members Jock Munro, Arthur Brigden and Freddie Kerby.

Duke of Albermarle, Stafford St, London  W1 on 25th July 1956.

1st meeting held on 10th July 1956 when following members formed first  committee.

Mr Bert Brigden (cellular clothing co limited latterly Aertex),   Mr Arthur Delcomy (H T Greenlaw Ltd – ties),  Mr Jim Emery (Coxmoore) , Mr Freddie Kerby ( J Tagg Ltd) , Mr Jock Munro and Mr Frank Perry (Hine Parker) wholesalers underwear and hosiery.

Mr O Y Smith – 1st chairman – (Welch Margetson),  Jock Munro –( Arrow).

Why the Club was formed.

For friends who had known one another pre war to get  together and form a club of commercial travellers in the menswear trade in the west end and city of London.  The name of the Club came about because if the 1939-45 war with a limit on members of 39. They met then at monthly intervals and to this day the club meets at monthly intervals usually the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the west end of London. Business of the day is discussed in a convivial surrounding  and always in confidence.

Social functions also take place separate from these monthly meetings. The annual Spring Luncheon takes place every March and for the last few years has been held at The Royal Overseas League, St James, London where over 100 guests regularly attend.

Ladies Night dinner dance where members are joined by their wives/partners and guests to dine, dance and cavort. The Club’s 1st Annual Dinner Dance took place on 7th November 1957.

Members at a Ladies Weekend

Committee power to elect or refuse a new member.   

1st list of members – 1956
S G Archibald
A H Adnitt
A J Brigden
J E Beagent
D A Bonner
T Bates
G Butler
J H Charlton
S J Chilkes (?)
A Delcomy
W B Devlin
G H Dorrell
L C Davies
J Emery
T Ely
W F Flaherty
W Gomme
C Hadnitt
R H Jeeves
F J Kerby
SS Luckham
E B Long
M J Munro
F Mayes
F Perry
R H Roberts
J F Smythe
O Y Smith
S J Spiller
F C Simpson
A E Sirond
P T Sayer
F Whittacker
C A Walling
B G Worr
H Welch
E G A Wilton
E B Huggins
W Gibbons
J Hinds
A G Jackson
C F Sabine
Frederick Theak + Co
Cellular Clothing Co
Charles Lewns
Mentor Shirts
Owen Green Ltd
G C Atle
Retired (Honorary)
Hunt and Levy
H T Greenlaw
Hawick Knitwear
retired (Hon)
retired (Hon)
J Tagg
retired (Hon)
retired (Hon)
Hine Parker
John Comfort
A V Stubbs
Retired (1st chairman)
Spiller + Riches
Alan Paine
W Chesters + Co
Sayer + Sayer
Gloucester Shirt Company
G Brettel
retired (Hon)
retired (Hon)
William Hollins
Salton, Brown + Co
O H Hewitt
Cooper + Boudard


From left to right: F. Whittacker, O.Y.Smith, B. Cole, J Munro