What a lovely bloke George Salmon was. I remember him especially in his element in the annual double act at the Spring Luncheon with Lord Clive Sinden. My special memory, however, is of a charity golf match in 1984 that pitted The 39 Club versus Austin Reed. As I don’t golf, I offered to caddy for George on the day. Never knowingly underdressed as I am, I hired us both Bertie Wooster-style golfing outfits from the costumier Angel’s. Sadly for us, it was the hottest day of the summer and the suits were in what I estimate to be at least 28oz-30oz tweed. The 19th hole was a welcome sight.

My commiserations go to George’s family and friends.

I was sorry to hear about John Gamby too. He always was a charming gentleman.

Words courtesy Eric Musgrave, Hon Member since 1982