After a very long wait, The 39 Club's Chairman's Day Out was held last Friday 19th September in Central London. Keith Brown our Chairman organised a tour guide and we were treated to some fascinating historical facts and interest within the Soho area. Starting with Charles II's development of Soho Square back in the 17th Century to the Trident Studios where David Bowie recorded his early albums which outside displays his blue plaque. The wonderful, fun and informative tour guide Adam finished up at Poppies fish and chips for a late lunch on the site of the 2ii coffee bar which in the 60s helped launched many musical careers.  Who would have thought that coffee bars are still such a thing on the high streets today, but sadly without the exciting skiffle and early 60s live music they enjoyed back then and many still enjoy today.

Well done Mr Chairman, it was a tremendous day and remarkable to be able safely conduct such an event. The social calendar of The 39 Club is now getting back on track.