Men's Wear - March 1979

I recently came across a copy of Men's Wear from 1979 and noticed a mention of The 39 Club on the attached page under the heading "Retired". I am sure some of the older members will remember Mr Curzon-Thompson.

Eric Musgrave


Chairman's Day Out 2015

Andrew Tompsett hosted the traditional “Chairman's Day Out” last Thursday August 27th and the day started with an excellent, very informative and enjoyable tour of Wembley Stadium.  Thank you Rob.  I doubt the team 39 would really be able to hold the real FA Cup at the Royal Box, however they also seemed to enjoy hosting a press conference in the press suite too!   After such thirsty work and an awful lot of walking the members adjourned for refreshment at the Ana Capri, a favourite haunt in Marylebone for some well deserved lunch.

Open Meeting 2015

Last Wednesday saw the third annual 39 Club open meeting with a record number of prospective new members attending wanting to join the Club.  We also welcomed Silvia Collins, Event Director of Moda Gent to be held February 21st -23rd 2016 at the NEC. 

This year’s open meeting was remarkable achievement as we enter into The 39 Club’s 60th Diamond Anniversary year for 2016.  We feel 2016 will be an excellent, successful and important milestone for The 39 Club.  Watch out for the news of the Special Events to commemorate this significant achievement

Tony Wade Retirement


After 42 years Tony Wade has decided to retire, see the article below in Drapers.